Welcome to the Greater New Orleans Chapter of the Catholic Library Association!

 A Librarian’s Prayer

 Father, watch over this library and staff. We’re asked to do much with little. Give us strength. Bless those who enter seeking knowledge, entertainment, or just a few minutes in a welcoming place. All truth is your truth, and any book containing a facet of that truth is sacred. Help us order this literary cathedral so patrons can find that truth. Help us fight the lie that says a just society can exist without strong libraries. Most of all, help us serve with a smile. Pour out your grace on those of us who stand in the gap. As for the self-appointed book censors, small-minded political leaders, and short-sighted budget cutters, we have one request: Lord, bless them according to their works. Amen

 This prayer was written December 1, 2011 by David Davis for the Greater New Orleans Catholic Library Association website at the request of Michelle Coates.