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Heritage Fund

CLA Introduces The Heritage Fund:
Heading to 100 Years of Excellence: 1921-2021

At the January 2010 CLA Executive Board Meeting a committee was formed to plan a new initiative ensuring the success of future creative programs and services through fundraising. Members appointed to the CLA Heritage Fund committee were: Sara Baron (Chair), Jean Elvekrog, and Malachy McCarthy. Here we present our initial planning and suggestions for the CLA Heritage Fund over the next decade and a proposed theme: Heading to 100 Years of Excellence: 1921-2021.


The purpose of the CLA Heritage Fund is to strengthen CLA’s vision of becoming the community of choice for today’s libraries and librarians by ensuring fiscal growth and responsibility through a designated fund which will:

1.      Enhance innovative programs and services;
2.      Ensure earmarked resources are available and secure;
3.      Encourage special donations and gifts in support of the CLA vision and mission.


This fund will provide careful and strategic stewardship of financial donations and gifts that will directly enhance member services. The development of a separate fund for financial donations and gifts not only follows common practice but offers assurance that donated resources and gifts will be used as intended. Many people prefer their gifts be used for special intentions rather than daily operational expenses.

Heritage Fund Projects

We envision the Heritage Fund supporting both strategic and innovative projects that will shape the future of CLA, our services, and the needs of our members. Examples might include: expanding and strengthening CLW and CPLI; incorporating new technologies into the Web site and continuing education; offering regional CLA sponsored workshops; sponsoring CLA research projects; or supplying matching funds for grant awards relevant to CLA. These are just a few ideas and we welcome more!

How you can help

We need feedback from CLA members to ensure the Heritage Fund accomplishes our goals.  Please communicate with committee members during and after the upcoming convention.  Please also let us know if you would like to help in a more formal way as a committee member, program planner, or financial partner. Look for Heritage Fund updates in CLW, on the CLA Web site, and stay tuned for the inaugural Heritage Fund activity.

The Saint Jerome Appeal

The Heritage Fund has established an annual membership appeal commemorating the Feast of Saint Jerome (September 30), the Patron Saint of Libraries. You should have already received a notice by mail in October 2010.  Please give as you can in support of CLA Heading to 100 Years of Excellence: 1921-2021.

For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Craig Georg


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