The Catholic Library World Editorial Committee has selected Marty Miller of Louisiana State University as the recipient of the John Brubaker Award for 2018-2019 for "Sacred vs. Profane in The Great War: A Neutral's Indictment: Louis Raemaekers's Use of Religious Imagery in Adoration of the Magi and Our Lady of Antwerp" from the September 2018 issue.

The Brubaker Award was established in 1978 to recognize an outstanding work of literary merit published in Catholic Library World during the publishing year prior to the award presentation, and "Sacred vs. Profane in The Great War: A Neutral's Indictment" clearly deserves this distinction. It discusses the use of visual imagery drawn from medieval and Renaissance Roman Catholic art in the political cartoons created by Louis Raemaekers (1869-1956) during the First World War. Although a citizen of the Netherlands, Raemaekers disregarded his country's neutrality in the war to publish many aggressively anti-German cartoons. Miller's article focuses on two of these drawings: one portraying the leaders of the Central Powers offending the Holy Family by offering instruments of war at Jesus's nativity and the other forming a triptych decrying the devastation of the city of Antwerp, Belgium, which centers on Our Lady as the Mother of Sorrows. For her skillful interpretation of Louis Raemaekers's use of Catholic imagery in these political cartoons, which she found in her university's special collections library, the committee gratefully presents this year's Brubaker Award to Marty Miller.