Fall Virtual Conference: October 18-19, 2018


The Catholic Library Association was excited to hold our second virtual conference on October 18-19th, 2018!

Members of our profession frequently discuss the nature of librarianship and the role of the librarian. This has been particularly true with the mad urgency of change in the last half century. Likewise, people do the same regarding their faith and beliefs in vocation in general and in living out one’s personal vocation specifically. This conference will bring those two themes together to discuss “Librarianship as Vocation.” What is it about our profession that manifests Christian living? What is it about our profession that is different from others? What is it about our profession that makes it so much more than a job? How do the concepts of vocation, faith, and librarianship interact? If our profession has changed, has our vocation?

Registration was free for members. Non-member registration was $25 for a single day or $40 for both days.

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