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2018 John Brubaker Award Given to Kimberly Kowal and Seth Meehan


The Catholic Library World (CLW) Editorial Committee has selected Kimberly Kowal and Seth Meehan for “Partnerships on Campus: Roles and Impacts in Developing a New Online Research Resource at Boston College” at the Boston College, to receive the John Brubaker Memorial Award for the best article appearing in CLW for 2017-2018.

Their article,"Partnerships on Campus" describes the collaboration between the Boston College Libraries and the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies to create the Portal to Jesuit Studies, an online resource for unified access to full-text primary sources and scholarship for studying the history of the Society of Jesus.  Kowal and Meehan relate how the libraries’ experience with digitization and metadata creation joined the institute’s subject expertise and knowledge of pertinent sources to publish an unparalleled collection of resources to assist scholars of Jesuit studies.  Their account joins other similar case studies in illustrating the fruitful relationships that academic libraries have formed with other entities to develop digital projects.The Brubaker Award is presented annually by the committee, to recognize an outstanding work of literary merit published in Catholic Library World during the previous year


Terry Maksymowych, PhD


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Terry Maksymowych, PhD

Science Faculty, Academy of Notre Dame de Namur

Villanova, Pennsylvania

Describe your career as a librarian and where you work.

This question made me smile, since I am not a librarian. Libraries have been my favorite places on earth since I was small, but it was not my career choice. I have been a science and ethics teacher for thirty-five years at a small Catholic prep school for girls on the Philadelphia Main Line. I teach juniors and seniors STEM ethics, anatomy & physiology with biomedical engineering applications, advanced placement biology, and honors biology. I also have taught as an adjunct at nearby Villanova University since 1982 in the biology, theology, philosophy, and nursing departments. I currently teach a healthcare ethics course on campus and online.

Share something about yourself not related to librarianship.

I am an avid reader and am never without a book or e-reader. I like nearly every genre, but I’m particularly fond of mystery fiction. I generally read several books at a time and I can keep them straight in my mind as long as they are very different from each other. My greatest frustration as a reader is that there are so many books to read and not enough time to read them all. There are favorites that I would love to return to, but the to-be-read list just keeps getting longer. It is a good problem to have, really.

How does your faith inspire or fit in with your work?

Because I teach at Catholic schools, I am free to include discussions of faith in my science and ethics classes. This helps students to realize that faith and science aren’t mutually exclusive. This is a common misconception and my students are delighted that they don’t have to choose between them.

How has being involved with the CLA been important to your professional development?

I’ve been a reviewer for CLA for more than a decade, after seeing a request for reviewers online. I could read more books and help out the CLA at the same time — a win-win situation! Since then, I was invited to be on the editorial committee for the journal and that has been a terrific experience.

What has been your most rewarding experience with the CLA?

Working with Sigrid Kelsey and the editorial team has been immensely satisfying to me. They are a wonderful group of people who give their time and expertise to making the journal a great publication.

What do you hope for the future of the CLA?

I believe that the CLA will continue to serve its members and I hope that we can find more ways to increase membership and participation. It is a wonderful organization with much to offer and I am an example of how it’s not only for librarians.


CLA at ALA Annual Conference


Free and Open Resources: CST In Action!

Saturday, June 23

5:00-6:30 PM

Marriot Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, Blaine Kern E & F Room

CLA will be hosting an affiliate session at the ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition this June! Kathryn Shaughnessy, our Board Liaison to ALA will be sharing essential information about effectively utilizing free and open resources in the Catholic librarian profession.

Discussion will specifically focus on the use and creation of free and OPEN education resources helps eliminate barriers to education, and help us fulfill our Catholic Social Teaching mission as Catholic Libraries, Archives and Institutions. This session offers an overview of free and Open philosophy as a force for integral human development, and offers concrete, useful resources from both general education collections and Catholic education collections.

Please join us for this resources-sharing session; Attendees are invited to share their expertise, offer suggestions, and ask questions. Additionally, leave with a toolkit of resources to start using immediately! In the spirit of OPEN, this is an open meeting, CLA members and non-members welcome!

If you have any more questions regarding the conference, please feel free to contact Madi Petty either by email (cla2@cathla.org) or phone (225-408-4417).


CLA Summer Read


This summer, CLA members and guests will read and discuss The Growth Mindset Playbook: A Teacher's Guide to Promoting Student Success, by Annie Brock and Heather Hundley.

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920 CLA - Andrew Kosmowski


920 CLA is a regular column in Catholic Library World, introducing a CLA member in each issue. Br. Andrew J. Kosmowski, SM is the subject of the April 2018 column.

Q&A with Br. Andrew J. Kosmowski, SM

Librarian, Marian Library
University of Dayton
Dayton, Ohio

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920 CLA - Noemi Flores


920 CLA is a regular column in Catholic Library World, introducing a CLA member in each issue. Noemi Flores is the subject of the December 2017 column.

Q&A with Noemi Flores, MLIS

Cardinal Beran Library
St. Mary's Seminary
University of St. Thomas
Houston, Texas

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