920 CLA is a regular column in Catholic Library World, introducing a CLA member in each issue. John E. Shaffett is the subject of the June 2017 column.

Q&A with John E. Shaffett

Director of Library Services
The Baptist College of Florida
Graceville, Florida

Describe your career as a librarian and where you work.

I have worked as the library director and cataloger at the Baptist College of Florida the last fourteen years. Before my current position, I worked at the University of Mobile, Mobile County School system, Mobile Public Library and Oak Forrest Academy. My main interest has been with theological collections.

Share something about yourself not related to librarianship.

I have participated in Great Books groups for several years. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D in Humanities in a Great Books program at Faulkner University in Montgomery.

How does your faith inspire or fit in with your work?

One way my faith has influenced me is my interest in philosophy and theology. A second way is thinking about my work as a librarian as a ministry. Working as a librarian has given me the opportunity to utilize my God-given gifts.

When and why did you get involved in the CLA?

My main involvement in CLA has been writing book reviews for the journal.

How has being involved with the CLA been important to your professional development?

The journal has been helpful to my work. I use the book reviews as a resource for selecting resources for our library. I would like to attend a CLA conference in the future.

What has been your most rewarding experience with the CLA?

Writing book reviews for the journal.

What do you hope for the future of the CLA?

I hope the membership of the CLA will grow in the future. It would be great to participate in shared purchases. There is a need for Christian organizations to provide leadership in librarianship.